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"This is the best (Pirates of the Caribbean) cake we've ever seen come through these doors!"
'Chateau Marmont' Chef, Los Angeles, CA

Endless Thanks!  The round challahs were absolutely beautiful.
Diana, Culver City

Ron really enjoyed the cake.  First thing Alex said when we came in was "you have to try this cake!!" Then told Ron to shut his eyes so he could “just smell it” and then of course, he ate it with gusto.  Ron is very hard to please with chocolate desserts but I knew he would like this one!  Please tell Dave thanks for sending us the extras. Thanks again.
Ann, West Los Angeles, CA

Dave did it again!  Fanstastic!
Lee, Granada Hills, CA

Duane brought over a slice of Dave's Gateau....outstanding!!  I noticed the lady fingers around the cake were made with meringue. How innovative!  Kudos to the Chef Extraordinaire!   Gateau as comfort food.   It enabled me to unfurl myself from my fetal position and pull my thumb out of my mouth after a 3-hour session in the dentist's chair. 

Hello with a hug, Bonnie and Dave!  Did you hear yip-yapping and the sounds of feet tearing around in circles?  That was me!  Thank you SO much, Dave, for the peach tart, the truffles extraordinaire, and the diet apple pie!!!   I was only going to have half the tart, but finished it and had a truffle for chasers.   After that, my eyes slid off my face.  Bake on, you wonderful man!   You are an artist!   I also admired the label on the box.  Bonnie's handiwork, right?   Excellent!    Oh, thank you, thank you!  

With love, the rotund and happy Grace

Grace, La Palma, CA

OK!   If the wheat and sugar are free, do I still have to pay for the chocolate and butter?

Michele, Los Angeles, CA

Our cast flipped over your incredible edible!! (Cheesecake).  
Thanks once again - you continue to amaze!

Lee, Granada Hills, CA

Dave's stuff is the BEST!!! 

Debbie, Great Neck, NY

You did it again!  Wheat free (Chocolate Fudge Muffins) - it's a killer!

Tricia, Beverly Hills, CA

They were AWWWWSOME!! (Hot Cross Buns)

   Lee, Granada Hills, CA

One word...Decadent! (Truffles)

Joyce, Jenison, MI

Just had to let you know that the lemon meringue pie was HEAVENLY!  The heart-shaped caramel truffles were DIVINE!  And the Sourdough bread was AWESOME!  My folks just couldn't stop the "mmmm's"  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Tricia, Beverly Hills, CA

I only have one complaint about your apple pie... it's gone!

King Louis, Los Angeles, CA

Insane! (Dave's Chocolate Lasagna Cake)

Anna, West Hollywood, CA

The banana cream pie we ordered for my father's 74th birthday party (his absolute favorite) was a tremendous hit. He said that it was the best pie he has ever had and was thrilled that it came from a local vendor.  We thoroughly enjoyed the pie and can't wait to order more goodies from Dave's Delectables.

Stacy, Los Angeles, CA

About your chocolate meringue cookies... Oh my god, they are just so good I can hardly stand it. They remind me of cotton candy in the lightness of them and are just the right amount of sweet. I LOVED the white chocolate mushrooms, which is amazing, cause I don't like white chocolate!!!

Jamie, Paso Robles, CA

I just ate some more of your pralines. How can something that small taste so good?

Debra, El Segundo, CA

That is THE best apple pie I've ever had! I used to bake apple pies when I was young (just past the Jurassic age), and thought they were good. No more, couldn't hold an apple peel to Dave's pie. The combination of apples was perfect, the flavor is heavenly. My toes hurt from curling with pleasure. The lattice crust is excellent....so good, just the way I like it. Is it possible to have an apple pie orgasm?

We had the wheat bread for breakfast and the white bread at dinner. Excellent! They're beautifully done and the texture is great. Ahh, and the aroma!

Grace, La Palma, CA

Delicious Peanut Butter Cookies!  And thank you!  Just one complaint: you ruined my dinner. I had to make sure they were as good as I was thinking. And they got here just like they left.  The card, the cookies, all that work and expense -- all fully appreciated and much more than I had expected. Thank you both so very much.

Neil, Torrance, CA

This is one sweet worth the calories! Anyone who knows me knows that I won't eat pastries unless they're worth the calories. Dave's Delectables are truly amazing - just ask my Dad (a VERY tough critic, indeed!). Ask my family and grand kids!  His pies are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Even my daughter's in-laws love Dave's Delectables (his pumpkin pie IS to die for!). Everything I have ever eaten from Dave's kitchen CAN'T BE BEAT by any bakery in our town (challahs included!). So why would you order from anyone else??? 

You Must give Dave a shot for your next event. Better yet, try Dave (I mean his pastries) BEFORE your next even so that you will know what I'm talking about - you won't be sorry and you will become a regular, just like me!

Tricia, Beverly Hills, CA

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!  You are PROFESSIONAL 
-and, of course, it's no surprise.
John & Laura, New York City

Your pumpkin torte was the highlight of Thanksgiving. It traveled beautifully and made it to New York in PERFECT condition. Tell your friends, if you want something delectable and with incredible presentation, CALL DAVE. Thanks, Dave! It was truly special.

Debbie, Great Neck, NY

Dave, you are a master chef!

Lisa, Los Angeles, CA

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